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Wabi Sabi: Brad Stroman creates works that reflect the intimate and fragile relationship between man and nature

I admit I had never heard of the Japanese Zen Buddhist aesthetic called wabi-sabi. A belief that all things are incomplete, impermanent and imperfect. The esthetic of wabi-sabi encourages a contemplative look at our lives through a meditative and diciplined search for humility and understanding of our place in the physical world. I met artist...

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The Marketplace

I recently shot some dishes for Chef William Dissen at The Marketplace in downtown Asheville. He is a true artist and his food tastes as good as it looks.

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Looking back to go forward: mixing old and new technology.

I dug out my old 6X6 film camera and started shooting some portraits with it. I’ve been looking for something visually different and I’ve always liked the look of film. I had the film scanned to make a digital file, thus the reference to the technology mix. This is a shot of local artist Melissa...

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