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Matt is an award-winning photojournalist and wedding photographer in Asheville, NC. His editorial photography, portrait photography, food photography and architectural photography has been published in numerous North Carolina magazines such as Our State Magazine, WNC Magazine and Carolina Home + Garden Magazine. 

Panama Rocks rock

My family and I visit Chautauqua, NY every summer. While there I usually photograph Panama Rocks. The area was formerly at the bottom of a sea. The land was pushed up by geologic forces and then carved out by a glacier. Here are two panoramas, each made by stitching together four separate photos in Photoshop.

Panama Rocks by Matt Rose


Recent work

Here is some recent published work.

_MG_4464-2xblog _MG_0834blogxMark Peyton, chandelier artist and Ralph Burns, photographer at right


Therapists work with children at The Grotto ABA Preschool housed within St. Gerard House a non-profit ministry in Hendersonville, NC that offers evidence-based treatment for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Our State: Highlands Town Story

I’ve been freelancing for Our State Magazine for the past four years and even though the art director has been sending me pdf’s of my published work, I have neglected to post them on my blog. So here are a couple of pages from a story I shot that was published in April’s issue.  I love working for Our State. Not only are they great people to work for but since they have sent me on stories all over Western North Carolina, I have become very familiar with the area especially considering my semi-newcomer status to this beautiful state. For more published work, check out my website at www.mattrosephoto.com. Go to the editorial site and click on the  ”published” gallery.



Verve Cover

Thanks to artist/fashion designer Adrienne Antonson for her patience and hard work posing for February’s cover of Verve. It was a pleasure collaborating with her and Verve editor Jess McCuan to create February’s cover.

VERVE Feb 2012 Cover1

Verve December Cover

Thanks to Verve cover model Janet Webb for making such a great cover.  I enjoyed working with the warm late afternoon light reflecting off the buildings in beautiful downtown Asheville.

VERVE DEC 2011 Cover1

Wabi Sabi: Brad Stroman creates works that reflect the intimate and fragile relationship between man and nature

I admit I had never heard of the Japanese Zen Buddhist aesthetic called wabi-sabi. A belief that all things are incomplete, impermanent and imperfect. The esthetic of wabi-sabi encourages a contemplative look at our lives through a meditative and diciplined search for humility and understanding of our place in the physical world. I met artist Brad Stroman while on assignment for Caroline Home + Garden and was deeply moved by his work and philosophy. I’ve always been a perfectionist but I came away from the shoot thinking that my perfectionism often gets in the way of true creativity and that acknowledging the possibility of incompleteness and imperfection can lead to a higher state of creativity.


The Marketplace

I recently shot some dishes for Chef William Dissen at The Marketplace in downtown Asheville. He is a true artist and his food tastes as good as it looks.


Looking back to go forward: mixing old and new technology.

I dug out my old 6X6 film camera and started shooting some portraits with it. I’ve been looking for something visually different and I’ve always liked the look of film. I had the film scanned to make a digital file, thus the reference to the technology mix. This is a shot of local artist Melissa Terrezza, a resident artist at Phil Mechanic Studios. I enjoyed photographing her and her unique art work for Bold Life magazine.  I really connect with her statement quoted from the magazine story: “The world’s problems have become linked to money, which is nothing more than a human invention.”  ”We as a society need to find inner wealth to become more whole.”


Heather Lewis

I recently photographed artist Heather Lewis for Verve Magazine. Her creative use of found materials amazed me. I loved her projections using plastic and other items placed in an overhead projector.

She is part of the Green Shadow exhibit at The McColl Center in Charlotte through August 20. Her work will appear in a group exhibition, Waking up with Van Gogh, at the Hickory Museum of Art next year.

Heather Lewis

August Verve Shoots

I just got back from a two week vacation. Here is an update of a couple of Verve shoots from July and August. At left is Viola Spells multimedia artist and jewelry maker at Zenobia Studios in the River Arts District.  At right is Sabra Kelley, co-owner of 12 Bones Smokehouse. Her restaurants are two of the most talked-about eating establishments in Asheville.  

.Verve_3_July Verve_BL_August